Knight’s Walk

Knights Walk Map 2015
Knights Walk Map 2015

Knight’s Walk is a part of Cotton Garden estate in Kennington that was designed especially for the elderly or people with disabilities, and therefore predominantly composed of bungalows. As a result, Lambeth Council deemed its housing insufficiently dense.

As a host of Open Garden Estates, Knight’s Walk opened several of its unique interior courtyard-gardens to the public for guided tours. These walks culminated with a passionate talk delivered by architect Kate Macintosh, wife of the late George Finch, the architect of the estate. Kate was celebrating the recent listing of 269 Leigham Court Road, whose sheltered housing is also under threat of demolition by Lambeth Council.

Kate’s talk, which called for the saving of existing social housing and the building of more, was subsequently published in the Architects’ Journal, and may be read here: 

As a result of ASH’s design proposals for Knight’s Walk, half the homes on the estate, and all of the bungalows, have been saved from demolition, but we are still campaigning to have the highest number of council homes for social rent on the new development.